Compress Pics

Compress Pics

Easily Compress Pics for Free

Uploaded pics get deleted after 1 hour.

Output Quality:

Use this slider to set the compression rate:

  • Higher quality equals bigger and Lower quality equals smaller file size.
  • 60% is the perfect balance between quality and compression.

Welcome to Compress.Pics! an all-new image compressor website for compressing your photos. Nowadays, the pictures we take with our phones can be huge, like 5MB to 10MB! and some phones can take more than 50MB photos. That's not a problem if you only take a few, but if you take a lot, they can fill up your phone easily.

These pictures are so big because they have lots of extra information about things like how bright the picture is, what colors are in it, and more. This stuff is really useful for people who like to edit pictures, but for most of us, it doesn't really matter.

So, Compress.Pics step in and take away this extra information that you don't need. It makes your pictures smaller, but it keeps them just as nice to look at. So, you can have more pictures on your phone without it getting too full!


Yes! Compress.Pics is completely free, you don't have to spend a single penny to compress your images online.

Compressing images has never been this easy, just:

  • Upload your pics.
  • Set quality then click Compress.
  • Download the compressed pics.

Yes! You can easily compress photos in bulk, Upload 10 photos at once and compress them.

No! there are no limitations you can compress as many photos as you want for free.

Absolutely! We're proud to be a trusted image compress website. Your security and privacy are our top priorities. We use strong security measures to protect your uploaded images. We promise that any images you upload will be gone within just 1 hour.

After image compression, a delete button will appear beside the "Compress More!" button, just click on it and it will instantly delete all of your images.

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